Factors to Keep in Mind while Outsourcing Domestic BPO Projects

When you decide to outsource your BPO projects to a third party BPO Company or your customer care operations to a call center franchise you need to consider certain business oriented factors. Outsourcing call center operations is equal to a business collaboration of partnership, thus in such cases you need to tactfully take care of your business profits and securities.

Preference of Call center software

Every domestic BPO projects operate their business through different software. However, each type of software has own specifications and advantages. You can choose to select the particular software you would like the call center you have outsourced your project to work with. However, you can also detail about your requirements of data recording, like outgoing calls, incoming call records, customer details, detailed up gradation of product or services, etc within the software, and the BPO Company can select according software for you.

Phone Number Ownership

Taking the ownership of the customer care number which you provide to your customers is one more essential point. In generally there is a single customer care number that is provided everywhere for your customers, and this single line is distributed to multiple agents who handle calls and tackle complaints of my BPO business. But it may happen that someday you might withdraw the contract from the BPO Company and offer the tender to some other third party. In such cases, if you have the ownership of the number where customers feed their reviews of my BPO business, you can save them from the harassment of a number change.

Make Sure of Technological Edge and Quality

Today, customer care support is not restricted to telephonic support any more. People like to be able to contact the customer carte agents through apps, whatsapp, social media sites, live chat etc so as to leave my BPO business complaints or feedbacks. Thus, when you outsource a process to a third party you must mention

  • Types of customer care support and my BPO business reviews you need, like live chat support, telephonic support, support via emails, etc.
  • To enhance such a technologically advanced customer care project you must ensure to have top notch software as well.
  • You can also seek to distribute the types of operations among different teams so as to be able to correspond with them individually.

Thus, to ensure that you are able to manage your outsourced project output better, it is better to mention your priorities and requirements initially.

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